Source Wrap Tank

Source wraptank
Source wraptank

In addition to “Lajt” is “source wrap tank” one of the most common search terms people use to end up here, so thought that I would dedicate a blog post about this very good hydration system.

I had Source Wrap Tank when I made my season in Chamonix 2004/2005 which I bought in a shop there. This hydration system served me well during the season but was unfortunately lost.

To the Elbrus expedition I needed a hydration system and decided to once again buy a Wrap Tank. But that was easier said than done as this is remarkable unusual hydration system on the Swedish market, especially 2L variant that I currently cannot find at all. Finally I found a small online store that sold it but now will not remember which.

The fact of I am so happy with my Wrap Tank made Stefan, Victor, Mattias and my partner Emilie. So you can say that Wrap Tank is the hydration system Lajt use.

What is it that makes Source Wrap Tank that good?
That I value most is that both the bag and tubing is insulated so that it is okay to use even in the winter (if you blow back the water from the hose) but this also means that the system is protected and can handle rough conditions. My Wrap Tank was the only one of the three hydration system we had with us to Mount Elbrus that survived.

Another thing I like is the handle located on the insulation bag that the makes it very easy to fill both from a crane and the creek. The bag is also equipped with 4 buckles that make it possible to using a strap to make it into a backpack or hook it over other equipment.

Description from

Wrap Tank is one of Source’s most popular outdoor systems. The low profile design allows better fit in different backpack models. Wrap Tank is all about INSULATION. Use it in all weather conditions. It is the ultimate model for every adventure in which a strong and reliable system is needed.

Interchangeable containers
Built Durabag ™ technology ensures crushed and leak-proof container
Airtight low profile NC filler cap compatible with filtration and accommodate ice cubes.
Integrated refill handle ensures filling without spillage, Weave Covered ™ (fabric fitted) tube keeps the first and last drop of cold and sterile.
Carrying handle for convenient transport and suspension
4 lock buckles to mount wrap tank on equipment
Tube clip provides quick access to liquid

220 micron Co extruded PE film
Heavy-duty 600D PES fabric X2 PU coated
5mm closed elements PE full insulation keeps water cold for hours

My packing list from the Elbrus expedition.
Source Wrap Tank on (398NOK 2l/3L)

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