The plan for the Aconcagua expedition

15/12  1Flyg från Oslo till Mendoza.Flyget
16/122Landa i Mendoza. Handla sista maten, gas mm.Mendoza
17/123Mendoza / Vallecitos /Camp Las Veguitas (3250m)Camp Las Veguitas (3250m)
18/124Topptursdag, Adolfo Calle (4220m)/Stepanek (4080m)Camp Las Veguitas (3250m)
19/125Till Camp El Salto (4500m).Camp El Salto (4300m)
20/126Topptursdag, Amarillas (5095m)Camp El Salto (4300m)
21/127VilodagCamp El Salto (4300m)
22/128Topptursdag, Rincon (5318m)Camp El Salto (4300m)
23/129Ner till Vallecitos Vallecitos (2967m)Vallecitos Vallecitos (2967m)
24/1210Tillbaks till MendozaMendoza
25/1211Mendoza till Punta de Vacas.Punta de Vacas (2415)
26/1212Punta de Vacas till Pampa Lena. (3000m)Pampa Lena. (3000m)
27/1213Pampa Lena till Casa Piedra. (3600m)Casa Piedra. (3600m)
28/1214Casa Piedra till Plaza Argentina. (4000m)Plaza Argentina. (4000m)
29/1215Plaza Argentina till Camp 1. (4950m)Camp 1. (4950m)
30/1216Camp 1 till Camp 2. (5500m)Camp 2. (5500m)
31/1217Acklimatisering dag.Camp 2. (5500m)
  1/118Camp 2 till Camp Colera. (6000m)Camp Colera. (5987m)
  2/119Toppdag. (6962m)Camp Colera. (5987m)
  3/120Extra topp-, acklimatiserings- eller vilodag 
  4/121Extra topp-, acklimatiserings- eller vilodag 
  5/122Extra topp-, acklimatiserings- eller vilodag 
  6/123Extra topp-, acklimatiserings- eller vilodag 
  7/124Packa ihop lägret och vandra ner till baslägret (Plaza de Mulas).Plaza de Mulas (4387m)
  8/125Vandra till Puente del Inca eller Confluencia.Puente del Inca eller Confluencia.
  9/126Vandra sista biten om stop vid Confluencia och transport till Mendoza.Mendoza
10/127Flyget hem.Flyget
11/128Landa i Oslo. 

The plan for the Aconcagua expedition

15/12 Flight from Oslo to Mendoza.
16/12Land in Mendoza. Shop stuff we need.
17/12Mendoza / Vallecitos /Camp Piedra grande (3400m)
18/12Summitday, Adolfo Calle (4220m)/ Stepanek (4080m)
19/12To Camp El Salto (4500m).
20/12Summitday, Rincon (5318m)
21/12To Camp Hoyada (4650m)
22/12Summitday, Plata (5966m)
23/12Back to Camp Piedra grande
24/12Back to Mendoza
25/12Mendoza to Punta de Vacas.
26/12Punta de Vacas to Pampa Lena. (3000m)
27/12Pampa Lena to Casa Piedra. (3600m)
28/12Casa Piedra to Plaza Argentina. (4000m)
29/12Plaza Argentina to Camp 1. (4950m)
30/12Camp 1 to Camp 2. (5500m)
31/12Acclimatization day.
  1/1Camp 2 to Camp Colera. (6000m)
  2/1Summit day. (6962m)
  3/1Extra summit day.
  4/1Extra summit day.
  5/1Extra summit day.
  6/1Extra summit day.
  7/1Pack up camp and hike down to base camp (Plaza de Mulas).
  8/1Walk to Puente del Inca or Confluencia.
  9/1Walk last bit if stop at Confluencia and transportation to Mendoza.
10/1Flight home.
11/1Land in Oslo.

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