New team member

Our forum thread on Utsidan finally gave result and we can welcome Mattias to team Lajt! Mattias is flying from Stockholm and is meeting us at Mendoza airport.


Mattis describes himself like this:

I am a happy and positive guy from the area of Östergötland and am 29 years old. After five years of study to become an agronomist at the Swedish University of Agriculture and six month as an exchange student in Scotland, I have ended up in Örebro. I now work as an engineer in biological treatment.

I bought a house outside Örebro that I slowly am renovating. After the job, I also spend time at the gym, the pool or running track. When the time is free I like to travel to new and interesting places. Cold or warm place is less important. And while life is for living, the more adventurous the better it is!

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