Akka 2007

akkaAt the end of March, we sat in the car and drove north, the target this time was the Mount Akka. Akka is located in Great Falls National Park and is the mountain that has a highest height difference from foot to peak in Sweden, nearly 1500 m and 2016 m high. The name Akka is Sami and I come from the name of the Sami goddess who stood for the wisdom and beauty in this world.

We only had 4 days to climb the mountain, so we needed a good flow and luck with the weather. The first day skied we over the lake and when we arrived, we got an offer that we could spend the night in the woodshed at the Akka cabin, it was a very large woodshed with plenty of room without wood, so this was a good alternative to setting up up the tent late in the evening. Day two consisted of getting up as far as possible on the mountain because we came away pretty late so we focused on finding a good campsite for the summit attack the day after. Unfortunately the weather were getting worse the longer the day went, and when we came up to where we would camp out, the wind was very strong. So it was to quickly set up the tent and sleep and hope for a better day the next day.

Day 3 dawned and we woke to a very windy and white weather. Visibility was also very poor, so we decided to wait in the tent a few hours and hope for better weather. Unfortunately it did not happen much with the weather and because we didn’t have any extra days, we packed our things and began to ski down again. It had now started to get very sloppy because we were out late in the season. The trail across the lake was partially almost completely under water and we quickly discovered that this was probably the last week that it could be crosses dry-shod and reasonably safe. After we sat in the car and started driving home, we saw over Akka how it started to clear up and now looked really good. Typical. But that was probably not the last we saw of Akka.

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