A serious expedition must have a flag, so we decided to order five flags from http://flagga.com/ with size 500x280mm. The flag is has a one sided print in three colors: white, light blue and black / very dark blue, and for this we pay 184:-/ flag.


Lajt Flag

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Lajt på Facebook

We are now on Facebook, like us!

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Uppdatering av Lajt.com

I have made some small changes / improvements Lajt.com


Now Lajt.com has Google Custom Search, search box at the top right.”Google Custom Search allows you to use Google’s strength and create customized search experience for your own website.”


Lajt.com now has a Favicon that is a miniature version of our logo.

Blog title

Now the blog posts title will show in the pages title

English title

Now the title text is translated to English if you use the English version of Lajt.com

Change language with URL

Now it is possible to force Lajt.com into English by putting on ?lang=eng on the URL. Don’t work on the blog section of Lajt.com

Auto version of css and js

Now the user will always see the latest CSS and Javascript. Your browser will cache files, but when changes are made to the files, the browser will see this as a new URL, so it will not use the cached copy.

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Lajt.com is under constant development and I have recently worked on cleaning up and modernize the page, changing the old tables to new HTML5 tags and CSS (3). I have also worked with rewriting some of the underlying PHP code. As a developer, it is more fun to develop than to work with content, but I will try to get better with updates.

Things that are being worked on:

  • Blog posts with RSS
  • Implement new “about us” page
  • New pictures in the “about us”
  • New pictures in gallery
  • Ability to email / SMS Updates
  • Pol

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