Underställ till Aconcagua

I’ve done some research on underwear before Aconcagua and looked at different materials, manufacturers and models. I have come to the following conclusions:

  • That it’s Merino wool / Wool terry you should go for.
  • That Icebreaker is best (but expensive).
  • That the warmest is terry where Woolpower is the best.
  • Having synthetic underwear below or flecee destroys much of the good qualities of a wool underwear.   
  • That the model Zip Turtleneck is the best, both warmest and easiest to regulate the heat.
  • That rather have two extra thin wool sweater than a fleece on Aconcagua.
  • On Aconcagua, it is clearly best with a little tighter underwear. Not fluffy next to the skin.

This means that I will use my old synthetic clothing on the acclimatization trip and investing in new Merino wool and Wool terry set for Aconcagua.

2 Wool boxer short Aclima Warmwool Shorts M’s
1 Wool boxer long Aclima Warmwool Boxer Shorts Long
1 Wool sweater Smartwoll TML light
1 Wool underwear top Icebreaker M’s Mondo Zip 200
1 Wool underwear bottom Icebreaker M’s Leggings 200
1 Wool terry top Woolpower Zip turtleneck 200 g
1 Wool terry bottom Woolpower Long john 200 g
1 Trekking Shirt Icebreaker M’s LS Atlas 150

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Nya träningskläder och FiveFingers

Last weekend me and Emilie was visiting Victor and Angelica in Gothenburg again. No hiking this time, instead we spent a day at the amusement park “Liseberg” and one day canoeing at Vättlefjäll. We here in Norway still have the day of on Whit Monday, me and Emili took the chance to do some shopping, since it cheaper in Sweden than in Norway. I bought the following:

  • Shoes – Vibram Five Fingers KSO
  • Workout Tshirt – Haglofs Intense SS zip top
  • Semi-long workout tights – Nike DF M Tech Capri
  • Short workout tights – Nike DF File Sh Tight
  • Running sock – Soc Running Pro Mid-cut sock
  • Running sock – Victory Running Thin Multi

Nya träningskläder

I have so far had time to test Haglofs Intense SS zip top, Victory Running Thin Multi and Vibram Five Fingers CS, all three are really good buys and I think the Five Fingers shoes will add a fun supplement to my regular running shoes.


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