Kebnekaise 2006


Kebnekaise is Sweden’s highest mountain and consists of two peaks, the northern and southern peak. Northern peak is 2097m above sea level and summer 2005 the southern peak was 2104 meters above sea level but as the southern peak consists of a glacier it changes constantly because the height of glacial growth and melting.

In early June we went to Nikkaluokta for a 10 day trek in the area. We began our walk towards Kebnekaise Mountain Lodge where we spent our first night. The tour then moved to Kebnekaise peaks through Singivaggi, so we came up against Kebnekaise from behind. When we at the National Day came up on Kebnekaise it was already evening but very nice weather and we decided to spend the night in the old lodge that was up there. The next day we walked over the ridge to the North summit, despite great foggy weather and very limited visibility. Because the weather was not very good, we decided to spend another night in the lodge for the next day to take the eastern path down which was a bit tricky because of all the snow. We went down to the Kebnekaise Mountain Station for the purpose of drying clothes and shoes, and then we camped at a distance from the mountain station. We decided that the next day we  would go to Tarfalla lodge to try to climb Kaskasatjåkka (2076m) and Kaskasapakte. On the way to the cabin it began to blow very violently and we were subsequently told that there had been hurricane force winds and highest recorded  was 43 meters per second, no wonder we had to sit down and hold a rock once. The following day we sat the plan into action and came up on Kaskasatjåkka but had to cancel the ascent of Kaskasapakte as we didn’t have nearly enough  equipment with us for all the snow. We stayed another night in the Tarfala lodge before we once again went past  Kebnekaise Mountain Station. From here we ascended Tolpagorni via the eastern route, so we came up in the “bowl”  and from there it was an easier scramble up to the top. The day after we went back to Nikkaluokta and took the car back home.

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