Spot2 Personal Tracker Satellite GPS Messenger

Spot2 Personal Tracker Satellite GPS Messenger We have bought a Spot2 Personal Tracker Satellite GPS Messenger from for £ 119.99 + Shipping for £ 5.47, a total of 1 407 SEK. It feels like it is money well invested to be able to send updates to our families, friends and readers as well as an extra security if something should happen.

Spot are a satellite distress beacon that have coverage over almost the entire globe. Spot works not just for emergencies but is also an excellent tool to communicate with family and friends along the way. Example, you can send your GPS coordinates on a regular basis to see where you are and you feel good even if you do not have cell phone coverage. Problems arise, you can send emergency message to selected friends and you are in urgent need of help is the ability to alert emergency services in the country you are. It also has built-in support for posting updates to Facebook.

To spot to work, a subscription which costs 99 (903sek) per year.


Dimensions: 9.4 x 6.6 x 2.5 cm
Weight: 147.4 grams
Temperature limits:-30C to +60 C
Height Limits: -100 m to +6500 m

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Budget för Aconcagua

Here’s our budget for Aconcagua, in addition to this, there will be all equipment and transportation to and from Gardermoen. A summary of the cost of all equipment in a later post.

Common costs / person Cost sek
Cost nok
Flight t&r Oslo-Mendoza 16 850 14 402
Hotel 700 598
Food in Mendoza 1 500 1 282
Food on the trip 4 572 3 908
Permit 4 650 3 974
Local transports 600 513
Total: 28 872 24 678

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Ryggsäckar till Aconcagua

Mountain Hardwear Scrambler 2010 Mountain Hardwear Scrambler 2010

Arc'teryx Bora 95 Arc’teryx Bora 95

For Acocgaua need two packs, a big on about 100L and a small, light one for the summit day. There are not very many sacks on the market in size 100L, PriceSpy says 34 pc over 90L, but then many of these old models that can be difficult to obtain. Three of us have chosen to buy new Arc’teryx backpacks for the trip when they have received very good reviews.

Regarding summit packs, three of the team chose Mountain Hardwear Scrambler 2010, mostly due to Addnature has had campaign on it and sold it for only 499 SEK.


Name Model Liter Weight Price Sweden Price paid
Tobias Arc’teryx Bora 95 Regular 102L 3400g 3 595 kr 2 720 kr
Victor Haglöfs Topo 90 110L 4000g 2 500 kr 2 500 kr
Stefan Arc’teryx Naos 85 93L 2900g 4 995 kr 4 338 kr
Mattias Arc’teryx Bora 95 Tall 110L 3500g 3 595 kr 3 595 kr



Name Model Liter Weight Price Sweden
Tobias Mountain Hardwear Scrambler 2010 27,8L 414g 499 kr
Victor Mountain Hardwear Scrambler 2010 27,8L 414g 499 kr
Stefan DryComp Ridge Sack 34,0L 465g 945 kr
Mattias Mountain Hardwear Scrambler 2010 27,8L 414g 499 kr

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A serious expedition must have a flag, so we decided to order five flags from with size 500x280mm. The flag is has a one sided print in three colors: white, light blue and black / very dark blue, and for this we pay 184:-/ flag.


Lajt Flag

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