HTML5 & CSS3 is under constant development and I have recently worked on cleaning up and modernize the page, changing the old tables to new HTML5 tags and CSS (3). I have also worked with rewriting some of the underlying PHP code. As a developer, it is more fun to develop than to work with content, but I will try to get better with updates.

Things that are being worked on:

  • Blog posts with RSS
  • Implement new “about us” page
  • New pictures in the “about us”
  • New pictures in gallery
  • Ability to email / SMS Updates
  • Pol

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Andra äventyrare

Friends of us who are or shall be on an adventure


My friend and colleague Øystein currently sking across Greenland.


Read more at:


The boat Anna – Sailing round the world

Two friends from the time we were studing who begins to sail round the world this summer.

“Our project is at in two years to sail around the world. In the meantime, we will combine business with pleasure by visiting so many places and experience as much as possible. Traditions will be created and also to be cut, culture will be seen and felt, and food and drink will be consumed. In the meantime, we will try to convey our thoughts and feelings through sharp (not always) analysis.
In order to implement a project of this size, one must have, that’s right, A BOAT. We invested in a full-keeled Fortissimo Marieholm 33. Beauty is 10 meters long, three meters wide and 1.4 meters deep.For the moment we are working in full swing for making the long voyage capable of leaving at the end of June 2011. ”

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