Aconcagua 2011

Aconcagua (6962m) is located in western Argentina, and not only is South America’s highest mountain, but also the highest mountain outside Asia. Nevertheless, it is a technically very simple mountain and needs no technical knowledge. However, even though it’s an “easy” mountain does not make the climb easy. On the summit is only 45% oxygen comparatively against what is at sea level. This means that many people underestimate the mountain and has to be evacuated because of acute mountain sickness. The deaths on the mountain, however, are few and only a few die each year.

The days before Christmas, we journey from Gothenburg by air to a town in Argentina called Mendoza. Here we are going to get gas to the kitchens and if it is something else we have missed. Here, we will also fix the permits required to climb Aconcagua. From here we travel by bus to a little town called Puente del Inca, and it is from here we start the trek. Two days does it take to get to base camp Plaza de Mulas at 4370m, which also is the world’s highest hotel. From here it’s off to Camp Canada at 4900m. Then, the next camp at Camp Berlin is at 5900m which is the last stop before the top. Top attack here is estimated to take somewhere between 8-12 hours depending on weather and how well acclimatized we have managed to become. We also have three extra days for summit attack if the weather is bad.

Then, what’s left is just to pack our gear and hike down to base camp again and then walk out to Puente del Inca. From here, we take the bus back to Mendoza and then flight back to Sweden. More detailed day-to-day planning is to the right under “Planning”.

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Vi är tillbaks!

Already when we stood at the summit of Mt. Elbrus, we felt the urge for new adventures, but the years has gone bye and we have not managed to make any new adventures. This can be blamed on studies, moves and new jobs.

But the dreams of new adventures have been there all the time and after some thinking we decided it was time once again. This time it’s Aconcagua, and we will be leaving in less than a year. We are planning on going in the middle of December and are away for three weeks, see detailed planning here. For you that do not know anything about Aconcagua, it’s the highest peak in South America, and the highest peak outside of Asia, read more here.

We have started working on the web page again and have a whole list of changes that are planned. The biggest news is this blog were allot of updates about our trip is going to be posted.

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